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DORA ELEVATOR is one of the fastest growing elevator brand in India DORA ELEVATOR has been promoted by a team of highly experienced persons in the field of Design, Manufacturing, installation and maintenance support of elevators of different type e.g. Residential, Industrial, Hospital, Commercial establishments etc. All the team members posses at least ten to nineteen years of Rich Experience in field of elevator engineering and technology, onsite installation of elevators, management of elevator projects and management of maintenance support and customer relations.

Sound Technological and management capabilities have enabled DORA ELEVATOR to offer you state of the art elevator products to match your need and expectation for elevator solution. Our offered elevators are extremely reliable and have superior riding comfort. This is because our elevator control is based around a very stable micro-controller based system.

For us “Safety” is top priority consideration. In our equipment, we address all the three aspects of safety that is Safety of person, Safety of equipment and safety of property. In addition to standard safety features our elevators have dual terminal limit, door zone sensing, auto re-level, software scanning of safety circuit etc., to make it more safe operation.

Our Working Area:

  • 1. Eastern India
  • 2. Central India